Welcome to The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess Concierge Hi Touch Hi Tech destin® system!
The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess now utilizes technology to provide a hi touch hi tech solution to every possible guests needs with our destin system to book, schedule and confirm every possible activity available during your stay with us. We can handle association groups that are on their own (OTO) allowing the meeting planner to coordinate hosted and non-hosted events. With our pre-arrival Catalog of Services guests’ can build their own shopping cart, have it priced out and paid for all online prior to arrival, including arrival and departure transfers.
What services does the destin® tool offer?
The destin® system provide a complete Catalog of Services where guests’ can select activities they like during their stay. Any activity can be provided to participants in a shopping cart format that allows them to shop, schedule and even pay directly online by after the e-proposal is reviewed and accepted while working directly with the concierge team. Our hi touch hi tech destin® system provides the resources to make your stay enjoyable without any waiting, or stress trying to book activities at the last minute. Seamlessly and professionally, we work together to develop and stage a memorable experience for you.
Operating programs is a labor intensive business for the traditional DMC. We use technology to allow our staff to use their talent for the creative design and implementation and our industry leading technology to handle the tasks that create the greatest risk of human error. According to PwC we improve the process and save labor by 70%! Our clients receive unprecedented service levels with a combination of hi-touch and hi-tech.

Having an online interface provides unprecedented transparency for our clients. Every update and change can now be viewed and confirmed by the client that action(s) were taken. Mobility is our mantra and with any tablet you will be able to visually confirm updates and changes. You Program Itinerary updates in seconds in real time, the ability to see arrival information for any of your guest is available 24/7 and that’s not all you get with the destin® advantage! Coupled with our combined 40 years of DMC experience you get the hi-touch service levels you demand with the comfort knowing it is handled.
This online tool is directly connected to our patent pending system that provides a more efficient delivery of your group needs. Every detail is enabled within the destin system, every supplier, every cost is all packaged into your proposal. We provide complete transparency on pricing and you will know the value of destin® immediately upon receiving your electronic proposal in a matter of hours!

Our electronic proposal has the speed to market required in the fast lane of doing business today. You will see every possible photo and or video of what we recommend. Of course changes and updates are immediate.

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Online Connection
As a planner you will have access to your entire program online. No more outdated files. Your meeting planner portal is a communication tool that provides you with your program spreadsheet containing total costs and price per person breakdowns. You will also see your Program Itinerary, Arrivals and Departure schedules, which imagine how much better check in would be for your group if the hotel was armed with this information? We offer you peace of mind and the expertise to provide you complete satisfaction. With our technology there is no guess work, only factual information.

Additionally, your participants now can have their own itinerary and departure notices sent to their smart phone. Easily accessible, real time data which allows for everyone to be on time and on schedule.
Our Concierge
We can book and schedule whatever activities you would like to do during your visit to The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess, from airport transfers to golf, we can make it happen. Please view our pre-arrival Catalog of Services and build your own shopping cart of activities and once you finalize those activities with your Scottsdale Fairmont Princess you can make payment for all arrangements prior to arrival which can make your stay even more relaxing by knowing your day to day itinerary and of course we can schedule any of our wonderful world class restaurants’ as well.
Suppliers, Staffing & Operations
We love our suppliers. We have a database of suppliers that provide consistent goods and services. From unique to the ordinary we have the ability to source whatever it is that you need and provide you with a positive and memorable experience. Our team of Operations Managers are experienced in the local destination and can handle the logistics for any type of group. We offer high quality service efficiently. Whatever we can do for you, just ask. We consider our destination services analogous to providing concierge services for you and your group. Once you have experienced what we provide, we are confident you will want to continue using our services Worldwide. The service level bar has been raised.
Frequently Asked Questions
a. How can we contact you?
Please view our contact info on the right, or visit the Contact Us page.

b. What are your hours of operation?
Whenever you need us. Simply complete the RFP to get started.

c. What insurance coverage do we have?
As we have many Hotel customers, our insurance coverage is high.

d. How do you work with your vendors?
We love our suppliers. Without them we wouldn’t be in business. We depend on them to provide high quality customer service levels at a reasonable price. Good suppliers should be treated well. We treat our suppliers well. We need them to treat you well. It is a good business model that has served us well.

e. What are your deposit requirements?
Our standard deposit schedule is 50% six months out. Balance due 30 days prior to the commencement of the program. Programs inside of 30 days require a 100% deposit.

f. What is your cancellation policy?
We understand things happens. We will work with you on this. Non-refundable deposits made to secure suppliers will obviously not be refunded, but special considerations can be made for cancellation within a specified amount of days from the event.

g. Can you provide a commission?
If you are a 3rd party planner, yes we will work with you to add an additional service fee to cover your commission.

h. How long does it take to get a proposal?
We use high end technology. Try us and let us impress you with our speed to market business approach, creating a unique proposal for you quickly.
We know how important customer service is to the hospitality business. Whether you are an expert planner or a novice challenged with the task of planning your Company’s Board of Director’s Meeting, o ur technology can provide you with a CRM component that will assist you the next time you are planning a program or event for this same client or group of people. From what activities they did, to where they stayed, we can assist you by maintaining the key information for a continued successful relationship with your client….or boss. We are here to support your continued success.
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